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Features include:
  • Up to 8 cylinders with up to 4 jets per cylinder, 1 main bypass and up to 2 high speed bypasses
  • For normally (naturally) aspirated, blown, or turbocharged 4 cycle, 2 cycle, or rotary engines
  • For racing engines on methanol or nitromethane; also E85 or gas
  • Up to 3 Baselines for storing different engine setups
  • Calculate main bypass and system pressure
  • Re-calculate specific engine nozzles
  • Export data as a csv file
  • Calculations are based on air-fuel ratio which is a proven method of maintaining consistency
  • Access your calculations on your internet-enabled cell phone while at the track.
  • Ad-free use of the whole site
  • Track weather updated approx every 20 minutes

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