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Current weather* for

Grand Bend Motorplex

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in Grand Bend, ON

  • temperature = 35.6 deg f
  • relative humidity = 75
  • uncorrected barometer* = 29.06 Hg
  • corrected barometer* = 29.909534 Hg
  • density altitude = -458.92 ft
  • dew point = 28.4 deg f
  • saturation pressure = 0.208 Hg
  • vapor pressure = 0.156 Hg
  • grains = 23.5
  • air density (w/o water vapor) = 102%
  • air density (w water vapor) = 101%

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last updated
Sunday November 19, 2017 at 10:55 EST

Information about Grand Bend Motorplex
address:70292 Grand Bend Line, Grand Bend, ON N0M 1T0, Canada

  • -track elevation: 803.8 ft
  • -track lat, long: 43.2929, -81.7181
  • -online: website | facebook
  • -Hours of daylight: 09:32:32
  • -Sunrise: 07:26:12 am 11/19/17
  • -Sunset: 04:58:44 pm 11/19/17

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Temperature, humidity,
and barometer values obtained from
Environment Canada

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