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With over a million page views expected for 2018, offers current and forecasted weather variables including air density and density altitude. A list of over 500 tracks (and growing) provides weather and general track information as a reference to racers, tuners, and enthusiasts. Currently, our site is the only racing-oriented weather provider to offer these forecasted weather variables.

Our users

The site is used primarily by racing teams while in the pits on race day and in the days leading up to events. Team owners, drivers, and engine tuners check the site several times per day for current and forecasted weather values to assist in tuning their engines prior to a run.

People who use our site are responsible for making purchases related to the performance of their vehicle and are knowledgeable of current technology and trends in many motorsports events. The site is marketed to drag racing, sprint racing, tractor pulling, and land speed racers.

A number of teams have used our site while attempting record-setting motorsports endeavors. We know of several who have won in their classes. Our users are looking for an edge over other teams and have found our site to be a useful tool in their arsenal.

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