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More on the High Speed Bypass for MFI from Brad Cauzillo, Kinsler FI

high speed bypass from an Outlaw Sprint Car

In our recent MFI high speed bypass article, a photo is included showing a high speed bypass from an Outlaw Sprint Car running at the Placerville Raceway, Placerville, Ca:

Brad Cauzillo, Marketing Manager, Kinsler Fuel Injection, added the following info to that photo: " NOT to plumb your race car.

The bypass valves should:

  • a) Be plumbed as close to the pressure change source(barrel valve) as possible
  • b) Never rely on a aluminum union fitting as a mounting source.
  • c) Be connected with a length of hose on the inlet and outlet to provide anti-vibration for the internal components."
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By Jennifer on June 9th, 2022 in Features, Info and Education, Main News


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