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Some kind words from Bill Drevo Jr

Bill Drevo's race car

Bill Drevo's drag car

You're WEB site just makes so much common sense for the drag racer and other types of motorsports activities. One things that I like about it is the 'water grains' can't displace water with gasoline! There was an interesting weather situation which occurred at the recent NHRA race at Dinwiddie, VA that I had never seen before. There was a large 'Bermuda High' located in the Atlantic ocean about 400 miles SE of Dinwiddie. Because of it's clockwise rotation it was pushing air with high humidity over the whole SE USA. However, by the time that air had reached the Dinwiddie area, the relative humidity percentage was only reading in the mid-40s. But, the water grains number was in the mid 80s. I theorized that this disparity between the relative humidity percentage and the water grains number was due to the fact that as the high humidity air spread across the SE US it dissipated to that point, but because a water grain is a more solid form of H2O it didn't dissipate nearly as much, thus the resulting high number.

I raced for 36 years - from 1954 to 1990 - and had to give it up when after going to work on NASA's Int'l. Space Station program with the assignment I had been given, I would end up down here at the Johnson Space Center where Mission Control would be located. I designed, integrated and implemented it's Instrumentation Database (in Oracle). I was it's Database Administrator until retiring from that position last January 7 after putting in 33 years on the job.

My drag-racing 'hobby' was a very serious one because as an electrical engineer (BSEE and MSEE from Virginia Tech) I liked to 'cross my T's and dot my 'I's'. It would take too long here to tell you about all the race cars I had, but here are some photos of my last two. The silver-with-black stripes '68 Z/28 was the only one built by the Chevrolet Motor Division that year - the paint I chose was '66 Cadillac 'Starlight Silver'.....4621L GM paint code. I set 104 IHRA and AHRA Class Records (all requiring engine teardown for certification), won 8 IHRA and AHRA National events and 26 Points meets. I 'chased' the year-long IHRA Championship Points competition (the last year they had it) in 1981 and finished 3rd, the highest finish ever in that competition for a 'stick' race car (I can't even spell 'automatic'! :-P) My last race car was a 1982 4-speed X11 Citation which became the first NHRA Super Stock or Stock Class race car to ever win an NHRA event - I won the NHRA WCS Division 2 Points meet at the Suffolk, VA drag strip in July, 1985. I had accomplished everything I could with the Z/28 after the 1981 racing season and I wasn't going to 'cheat it up' to make it go quicker or faster so I sold had 1,349.4 miles on it rolled out of my garage to the new owner. There was a model made of the Z/28 by the Acme Diecast company in January of 2016. Summit Racing bought a block of these models so they may still have a few left should you like to obtain one.


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By Jennifer on August 10th, 2020 in Features, Main News


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