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Using this site with a Kestrel Portable Weather Station

Kestre's portable weather station in action

Kestrel's portable weather station in action

Air Density Online provides weather data for racing engine tuning and we hope it's useful for anyone using it. However it is one tool in the engine tuner's arsenal and can be used in conjunction with other tools out there. Many times, a portable weather station like a Kestrel unit is used in in addition to or instead of a site like this.

Benefits of a Portable Weather Station

This site gets it's weather information from a third party resource. That data comes from several weather stations around the area of the track and is averaged to provide targeted data. We then calculate air density, density altitude, grains, and other tuning values. While this is a good way to get data while not actually being at the track, it may not completely accurate. That's where a portable weather station comes in. When getting ready for your next run, having current weather data is beneficial for accurate tuning. A portable weather station will give data that is current and local to the point you're standing at.

Benefits of Air Density Online

If you have a Kestrel weather station, what is this site good for? A lot, actually. For one, this site provides air density forecasts for future dates and historical data for past dates. You can check your engine setup for the future and the past while the portable weather station handles the present. You can also use this site as a second check against the current weather in the event of anomalous data or unexpected weather changes.

While portable weather stations require occasional calibration, this site relies on a robust weather provider who takes care of all that. But it is not at the track with you and, in the end, that can make a difference when you are expecting top performance from your tuneup.

Getting every advantage in your tuneup

In the end, anything that gives you a leg up over the competition will give you an edge. When it comes to tuning with air density, using this site along with a portable weather station will give you redundancy, accuracy, and peace of mind that you are tuning for the current weather.

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By Jennifer on August 22nd, 2019 in Info and Education, Main News


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