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Get quick access to weather at your favorite track

Note: this applies to iPhones only. However, there is a similar task for Android devices as well. See the links at the bottom of this article.

Updated August, 2020

Figure 1

Did you know you can save a quick link to the weather on your favorite track on your iPhone's home page? It's pretty easy but you have to know where to look. Follow these steps.

  1. Go to your track's weather page on this site.
  2. On the bottom of your screen, there's a horizontal menu. In the center of that menu is a box with an arrow pointing up. Tap that icon. See figure 1 at right.
  3. Find the option that says "Add to Home Screen". You might have to scroll vertically to find it. See figure 2 at right.
  4. Figure 2

  5. Review the information presented then click Add in the top right of the screen.

You can now return to your iPhone's home screen and find a quick link to your track's weather. You might have to scroll to the last page of apps/icons to find it. From there you can edit your home screen icons in the order you choose. In this way, you can add a direct link to every track you race at for quick, easy access.

For a more thorough explanation, check out this article on adding website icons to iphones. Here's another article with information on Android devices.

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