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Thanks to Bob Beck #46!

Check out Alan Beck #4, Bob Beck's son, storming around the Tom Manning Memorial race in their 360 engine powered Gun Slingers Winged Sprint Car at the 'Noceti family' Stockton 99 Speedway on June 6, 2018.

We recently had a discussion with one of our ProTune customers, Bob Beck #46 regarding his use of our site. Check out his thoughts on his experience:

Regarding fuel mixtures for Co. Nat. Spdway and Stockton races:

  • for the 360 engine; I used the program you have set for the 360 and ran the entire show; 7/6-7/18 at Co. and the Stockton show without having to adjust fuel mixture.
  • For the 410 engine used the program for the 410 and had to adjust mixture on all days raced. At Stockton it got so rich I didn’t bother with the HS bypass and went directly to the main jet.
  • I have concluded that some thing is not correct in 410 program: I believe it is the pump flow; 4.07.
  • I back tracked main jet change to pump flow of 4.56 +-.
  • I have sent pump to be flowed (subsequent flow test, 4.9 GPM).
  • I never new before how critical fuel mixture could be.
  • In years past I would be walking all over cars in warmups but later in the evening I could hardly keep up to the same cars.
  • What an eye opening this is.

Bob Beck #46

Thank you so much to Bob for sharing his thoughts and experiences!

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By Jennifer on August 13th, 2018 in Features, Main News


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