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Tuning Success Story: Bill Ketterman

Bill is a drag racer who races a 612 ci fuel injected methanol / nitro V-8 in his very rare 1950 Plymouth racecar. Bill also races a blown alcohol V-8 in a drag racecar. Bill is quite well known in the San Diego area because of his unique setups.

Previously, Bill ran a nitrous gas combination in his 1950 Plymouth. He decided to convert to fuel injection and methanol. He recently started tuning with the ProCalc app so that he could do his own tuning. Now he is working with low percentages of nitro.

"I depend on the ProCalc calculator app. for my fuel injection tuning. I do not have to rely on my engine builder or prior flow bench test any longer."

Bill Ketterman Racing Bill Ketterman Racing
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By Jennifer on May 8th, 2017 in Features, Main News


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