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Tuning Success Stories: Greg Means

Periodically, we will be featuring racers who have had success using our ProCalc Jetting Calculators. For our very first feature, we will be highlighting a racer local to us, Greg Means.

Means Racing - Photo courtesy of Victor Archer, 2016

Means Racing - Photo courtesy of Victor Archer, 2016

Ashlyn Means does much of the ProCalc analysis at the track. Greg's racecar is a 7.6 second ET dragster with a blown alcohol small block V-8 racing engine by Means Racing. Greg said he is confident with the ProCalc math and is confident with air to fuel ratio tuning that is the feature of ProCalc.

Using ProCalc, Greg went from a 7 GPM fuel pump to a 13 GPM fuel pump. The correct bypass jetting was determined for the fuel pump change, and Greg ran identical drag race ETs with both setups. Runs right after the change were done right out of the trailer.

Greg said his bracket racing dragster is extremely repeatative with ProCalc jetting and blower overdrive determinations. His last race, Ash determined jetting and blower overdrive for a 7.6 second bracket race. Ash determined jetting for the current density altitude and predicted a 7.59 to 7.60. Ash told his dad to leg it all the way. Greg did and hit a 7.600, right on target.

Greg has won his bracket at 1300 feet density altitude using ProCalc jetting. He also won at 8500 feet density altitude using ProCalc to determine jetting and blower overdrive. Greg said, at 8500 feet, he ran just shy of 7.6 seconds ET, first run, right out of the trailer. He also said he never ran at that track or altitude before that. He said that the jetting and overdrive determinations from ProCalc provided the setup to do that.

Greg is also assisted by his wife, Leona, and crew member, Jake Zalusky. Greg is very active on many of the racing forums and is very generous with racing information and tuning tips. When he is not racing his dragster, Greg is helping others. Greg and his team are true racers in our view. Congrads to your success.

Greg's drag racing website is: Services include fuel injection, engine, & transmission repair and rebuilding.

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By Jennifer on April 10th, 2017 in Features, Main News