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Announcing: New Pro-Tuning Package

We are very excited to announce our newest project! We're adding a package that racers can purchase that will help them tune their engines. The Pro-Tuning Package will get you set up with your first baselines and point you towards your best tuning setup.

Here's how is will work:

  • The racer will fill out an extensive questionnaire regarding their current setup and their goals in racing.
  • Bob will use that data to set up your first baseline and save it in your list of available baselines.
  • Included will be a custom write-up about your fuel system.
  • All material will be available in a downloadable format for you to keep.

Hopefully this will assist racers in setting up their fuel systems for maximum power and repeatability.

The price is $249.98 and will include a 1 year membership to Pro-Calc, our online jetting calculator. The following year, the racer can renew for $89.99. Additional Pro-Tuning packages* will be available for $159.99.

This will be available soon. Check back for more information!

*Pro-calc membership is $89.99/year. Pro-tuning feature is $159.99 per engine setup. Annual Pro-Calc memberships can be purchased independently. User must have a Pro-Calc membership in order to puchase Pro-Tuning package.

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By Jennifer on November 14th, 2016 in Main News


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