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Mar 19, 18 - Reviewing for the racing season – Weather changes before and after dark

The time changed last week and hopefully everyone is settling into the longer evenings. Believe it or not, day time and night time have an effect on the weather and how your engine tuneup performs. Check out our blog post from last year about that:

Weather changes before and after dark

Mar 12, 18 - Racer success stories from 2017

Last year we highlighted several racers who performed well in 2017. Some of them used the track weather pages on race day. Some of them used ProCalc to tune their engines on race day. Some of them used ProTune to get their best setup. Check out some of the racers we highlighted from last year.

Have you done well while using our site? We'd like to hear about it! We'll write about you on our site and post pictures of your car.

Mar 5, 18 - What’s New – March 2018

We're looking forward to lots of racing in the coming months. In the meantime, we're adding lots of tracks to the site. Check out the tracks we added in February.

If you don't see your track in the list, let us know and we'll add it. We can add tracks in Canada, Australia, and the US.

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