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Jet your car from anywhere with an internet connection. Have a smartphone? You now have a portable jetting calculator.

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Real-time density altitude from current weather data at various tracks including: NHRA & IHRA dragstrips, road courses, dirt ovals.


Get your MFI fuel system setup programmed into ProCalc. Even get your dyno data added. You get 1 year of access to ProCalc too!

Thanks for visiting our site. We provide real-time, historical, and forecast weather data for racing engine tuning. We also provide engine tuning tools for mechancial fuel injected racing engines. We are constantly adding tracks to the site. If you'd like to see your track added to the list, send it over. Learn more about this site and it's creators or read some of the articles we've written.

What's New

February 10, 2020

More and more tracks added

Here are a few of the tracks we've added in the last week. If you don't see your motorsports track listed, let us know and we'll add it.

February 3, 2020

Newest tracks and series

We are furiously adding tracks to the site. If you don't see your track listed, let us know. We are adding tracks for any type of motorsports and in any part of the world.

Last month we added lists for several racing series.

We also added several tracks to the general list.

January 22, 2020

Review some articles…

Racing season in the US will be starting up soon. Review some of our articles to refresh your tuning skills. We've written several articles on weather and engine tuning. Here are a few we are particularly proud of.

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