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Jun 16, 17 - Make money by referring us

Have you used our ProCalc Jetting Calculators and know someone who might benefit from using it? Wanna make a little bit of money?

We are opening up our dealer program to anyone who is interested!

Here's how it works:

  1. We will set you up with a dealer id and custom link. That link will provide your referrals with a free 15 day trial of our ProCalc Jetting Calculators.
  2. You send that link to anyone you think could benefit from using our site. They can try out ProCalc for 2 weeks with no obligation to buy.
  3. If they do end up purchasing a subscription, we'll send you some money!

Terms and conditions apply. Contact us for further details.

Jun 8, 17 - Great feedback from our customers!

Check out some feedback we've gotten recently:

Rich Hozak, Tuscon, AZ

I know my drag racecar with the ProCalc setup can run my number.
Rich Hozak, Tuscon, AZ

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Jun 1, 17 - What’s new for June?

Things are running smoothly here at Air Density Online and we're working on some great upgrades to the site. We hope your racing season is going smoothly as well! We've added some new tracks to the tracks page. Check them out or send us any tracks you don't see on our site yet.

Additionally, we've been writing brief articles to help understand how to use this site while tuning your engine. Check out what we've written here!

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