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Jan 16, 18 - Autorama Sacramento 2018

Bob here. We will again be at the Sacramento Autorama Feb 16-18. Email us at if you are attending. We'll look you up and take pictures. This spectacular event for hot rodders in Sacramento is a favorite.

Jan 15, 18 - Check out our articles

Want to learn more about how to use the information on this site? Maybe you just want to learn more about engine tuning in general? We have written numerous articles for various auto racing magazines. We've also written a series of informational blog posts featured on this site.

Check out our articles page to get an overview of everything we've written.

If you'd like to put the information in these articles to work, try out our online jetting calculators for free.

Jan 8, 18 - Have you heard about

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Our partner website is a great of resource for racers and engine tuners. was created to sell books related to mechanical fuel injection engine tuning by Bob Szabo, a retired welding engineer and long-time drag racer. Through that site, was created.

In addition to books, the site also has numerous free articles from years of development and research. Check out their free articles and newsletter archive for a wealth of information.

They also have a semi-annual newsletter where you can sign up and receive further information. Check them out!

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