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Sep 18, 14 - small site updates

A few small site updates have been added including a brief introduction to the people behind this site. If you’ve ever emailed this site, you talked to one or both of us. Learn a little more here.

May 28, 14 - Featured Track: Bonneville Speedway

Bonneville Speedway is a well-known part of the Bonneville Salt Flats used to set numerous land speed records over the years. It is a dry lake bed located near Wendover, UT. It is on the border with eastern Nevada and 2 hours west of Salt Lake City.

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Apr 7, 14 - Featured Track: Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Las Vegas Motor Speedway is our current featured track. It is a full service facility that is used for everything from drag racing to NASCAR races and even features an annual rave where racing takes a back seat to electronic music.

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Mar 24, 14 - Featured Track: Sonoma Raceway

Sonoma Raceway has been known as Sear Point and Infineon Raceway. It features a drag strip and a road course that host national events such as NHRA and Nascar.

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