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May 21, 18 - Reviewing for Racing Season: Methanol vs Nitro

Do you race with methanol? Do you add nitro at all? Check out our recent blog post about the differences in tuning with each fuel:

Tuning with methanol vs nitro

May 14, 18 - Reviewing for Racing Season: Why Air Density is Important

If you've ever wondered about the importance of air density when tuning your engine, check out our previous blog post to learn more.

Why Air Density Is Important In Engine Tuning

May 7, 18 - Reviewing for Racing Season: Corrected and Uncorrected Barometer

Did you know that the local barometer value is corrected to provide a standard value at sea level? The actual value is affected by the elevation of your location. This can make a big difference in tuning your engine. Learn more about this in our recent blog post.

Understanding the difference between corrected and uncorrected barometer

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